Project 3…. Finally!

So Ive been suffering from a serious case of the lazies… I had a massive christmas lunch and it seems i never recovered. UNTIL NOW! 

Im back on the sewing machine with a vengence, i knocked out the double happy top and pants in about 3 seconds.. Now for the bad news. The design brief was a bit of a fail. The top and the pants actually look terrible together. Is there a saying about wearing blue and black together? Well i’m making up one. ‘Blue and black look crap together’. Nuff said.

Any waaaay, I still have two great little separates, so I’ll hurry up and show you. 



I just have to show you a close up of this fabric. Look! Little fish! Its a beautiful woven Japanese cotton, you can find it here



And here is the finished top. I used a fantastic pattern from Lou Bee Clothing. I must be behind the times, because I’ve only just discovered this gem of and Etsy store. This pattern is called DOLI tank. It is a girls pattern, but I never let that stop me! I only had to make minimal adjustments. I took out most of the the flare from the sides of the pattern, and also lessened the curve in the racer back, so it was a bit more of a boy-ish shape.  

I looked over the instructions, and I thought ‘hmm, I totally wouldnt sew in this order’. I followed the instructions anyway, and it seems that the way I usually do it is much harder! Yay for short cuts!


I get so depressed when I go into stores looking for boys clothing. If I see another polo shirt, cargo pant/short (i hate cargo anything), t-shirt with pictures of machinery, dinosaurs, or “mummies little ****** ” I think my eyeballs will shrivel and die from boredom.

Boys are crazy and colourful, so why cant their clothes match? I love mixing prints, and I think kids especially can get away with it. 




I took a little circle of the fish print pattern, and used an embroidery stitch to patch it to the back.  It kind of ties the whole design together.

Look at that lonely little red herring swimming in the middle…..





I absolutely love how roomy the fit of this pattern is. Im planning on making more of these, and I will do a follow up post on all the new fabric combos.



Great pattern, great fabrics, Cute model! What else can I say?


And now the non-matching Double Happy pants!


In contrast to the top, sewing these pants was a slightly traumatic experience. I chose fabrics that hated each other. The stripe jersey was so flimsy, it was like trying to sew tissue to water. I found myself talking to the fabric. Sometimes pleading with it, sometimes threatening it. That seemed to work, because it finally submitted and turned into pants.



I say yes to polka-dots on boys!

The spot fabric is another find from my favourite store Landofoh. Its a brushed acrylic I think. I has a slightly fluffy texture and would probably be more suited to autumn/winter wear, but I couldn’t wait for the change of season! I have a bit left so, I might make some cool drop-crotch sweat pants, or a sweater..



The pants turned out a little longer than I planned (next time use a ruler, not a bit of torn paper). I still like the length, but I will alter the pattern next time so i get them above the knee.



So There it is, the double happy suit, that didn’t quite match. Hope you liked it (I did!).

 Stay tuned, project four involves leopard print!





2 thoughts on “Project 3…. Finally!

  1. ay this is amazing! love the top.. would totally buy your clothes if you do girls clothing.. I am too, sick of those mass produced, overly worn “mummy little XXXXX” shirts hahahahaha

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