project B-ball in the basket!

I’m going to try and finish this post without making too many basket ball themed puns…. Ok I’m lying. I totally slam dunked this project!

 bball2I tackled quite a few firsts with this outfit. Sewing with knit fabric, ribbed neck and arm holes, and snap buttons (those took a few tries) appliques… None of it was a major pain. Thank you Youtube tutorials!!


First I want to give a mention to my fabric supplier, Landofoh on Etsy. Its like Korean fabric heaven. I’ve bought a bunch of different fabrics from them (which will be appearing in future projects) and i love love all of them. Also being in aussie, shipping from Asia is Ruh-diculous (seriously its like $4). Yardage is totally reasonable, and I can still get away with buying single yards for Mr S.p (please don’t grow any more!).

And just to prove how awesome they are, Landofoh are offering friends and followers of Small Pants a 12% discount on any purchase between now and December 31st. No minimum purchase required! Just use the code  aysha12 at checkout for a sweet discount!  Go on get your fabric on!


Heres a random boy fact: Boys must always find a suitable stick for going on walks. Its some kind of unspoken law. The bigger the better. You never know when you will need to defend yourself… Or poke something.


If you look very carefully you can see a small boy camouflaged in this picture!


This pattern turned out to be such a winner. I’ll definitely be making more of these. Its was so easy to construct and more importantly its comfortable and functional. It really stood up to the rigors of Mr small pants testing. The only thing that’s wrong with it now is that its super dirty!


Onto project 3! yeeeha!

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