hooray for pants!

Just put the finishing touches on my photos, and project 1 is officially done and dusted!  I think I will mark this as a success. 

One thing I didn’t count on, is Mr S.p’s inability to pose for pictures. I copped a few strange looks from people watching me run after this child with a camera begging him for one more photo like a creepy paparazzo.. Oh well, we had fun..

SO! Here are The beach-bum pants, and Mr small pants in person!


I started off with a basic girls harem pants from burda, and to put it mildy, I took the pattern to the “chop shop”. A seam here, a pocket there, and we had a brand spanking new pattern!

beachb6I used this gorgeous woven cotton from India instead of the recommended knit because I like to live on the edge (and I was working with a size 4, so i figured we had enough room to move).


I have a whole bunch of these guys in my craft kit, left over from my brief excursion into jewellry making (very brief), so I put them to work as the draw-string dangle doodles.


I wasn’t feeling too confident about pattern making skills, so I did a test sew using a pair of uncle Z’s old batik pants that had a big tear in the bum (thank you unc Z). I even salvaged the drawstring. Less work = more happy.


Aaaand finally, because good things come in 3’s, I made these little gems out of a four pack of bandannas. I actually love the crap out of these. All in all I think they turned out pretty cutsey, and I’m totally pumped for project 2!


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